Beauty of Writing is Why I Write

I write because the writing is giving me everything I can not have in this crazy world of ours. It is allowing me to be myself in everything I create.

I can write my entire life story in a character I made. I can choose a thousands of them and give them everything I want. When I write I am free and I am my own boss to decide about the world my characters live.

That world is based upon how I think of a world and how I expect it to change, only it doesn’t. That is why my characters are there, they get to go through every possible emotion, decision, plan, feeling, thought and event they (I) want.

Writing is something magical where you get to create your own world where everything is made upon you. Its like writing every possible emotion and feeling on a piece of paper to present it to a world as your own, imaginary and new world. People get to see your point of view of the world and how you think of it. From those readings we ask ourselves the questions about the world and if those things can be possible.

For me, writing is like a song Bird of Paradise by Indigo Blue, where we are “flying free”.

The World of Writing is a creation of something completely new, of something that does not exist anywhere but on your paper, in your works.

  • It’s unbelievable what human imagination can do with a little bit of an effort when you decide to impress not only yourself, but everyone around you.

That is why I write. It gives me feeling of freedom and power, bravery that I do not have. To be able to write anything is not something people would call normal. It is a very beautiful gift, a talent a person can have and their talents are, in today’s world, recognized.

Take R. L. Stine, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Ann C. Crispin and Irene Trimble for an example. Each one of them made a difference in the world when their books got published and those book series we know and are crazy about.


How Humanity left an impact on Climate Change and how is it relevant to art?

I got many questions lately about Creative Attributes, and the one question I am being asked frequently is “What are Creative Attributes really about?” And the answer is really simple.

Creative Attributes is a way of appreciating art, and not just any art. All types of art that exist in our world. From martial art, art of history, art of religion, painting, drawing, building, writing, language and body art, you would see that art wouldn’t reach it’s true meaning if it wasn’t for us, and by us, I mean life.

Life is the main form of art that many not yet truly understand. All the way from science and their theories, we still ask ourselves at some point in our life, “What is life exactly?”

And as we cannot yet put the right definition and meaning of what life is, I did came with my own defining theory which is this:

Life is a gift, an art, given to contribute in something greater than Universe and what we truly come to understanding of. Thorough our entire existence, we have built, found, learned and developed many things that could help us thrive. But do we really thrive?

While we put our focus into new developments to paint a bigger picture, a vision of a better future, we do not see how much we have been given and yet we take it all for an advantage.

Life should be lived to its best potential, not leave anything for tomorrow but to put ourselves out there to the world and say what we think. We all need to speak our minds.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what is on my mind.

Recently I have came across a post on a tweeter that asked me, “What is the main cause of climate change?”

It had me thinking for days. Climate change. All the pollution, Ozone, Greenhouse Effect, new technology development and big factories are all big cause of it, but the greatest cause of Climate Change is us.

It has been fifty years ago when the climate change was first noticed, and not given more thought about it. It’s exactly like Richard Wiles has put it:

It never had to be this way. But with each decade of delay and denial the impacts and costs of climate change have continued to mount.

-Richard Wiles

You don’t have to be a scientist to know how much the percentage of CO2 has gone up over past fifty years. All those high temperatures dry countries around not only equator but even 3,121.69 mi (5,023.88 km) away from equator around the globe. I know because I am from Croatia.

Summer 2010 was very warm, but what shocked me the most was the temperature six years after. From what was normal 30 Celsius degrees to 35, the temperature went up abnormally high. That one summer I went to visit my family and friends the temperatures were between thirty nine and forty two Celsius degrees. There was barely any snow that year, didn’t come around November like before but at the end of December and beginning of January, lasted till March.

Global Warming is evident in this case, and people are being sick from air pollution and pesticides in soil, needed for our crops to grow, is lowering the possibility to succeed because crops won’t want to grow. Our immune system is falling down, and not even the scientist will be able to find long term cures, because we all know that a long term cure does not exist.

Take people with cancer, asthma, allergies and many more for example.

We have brought this upon ourselves. We, us, humanity is going to be what will end us. We will end ourselves before we leave a mark, and even if we do leave a mark, Earth will recover eventually next to its own hazardous nature. We will perish with all the art and what we have been working so hard to leave something behind.

The only thing we will leave behind will be ruins of something we once called home.

Now, you must wonder how all this is relevant to art?

Here is another story.

While people are too busy with building a better future there are those people who call themselves writers, authors and bloggers that actually see much bigger picture, and this is how our mind works.

As a writer and a blogger myself, I will be telling you this from my perspective.

Our minds can comprehend all possible scenarios of how a certain situation can turn into so many ways, and the number is infinite as each of us think differently.

For example, we take Climate change/Global Warming as a subject to write, this is what we see in our head:

  1. Future
  2. Our kids
  3. Earth destroyed
  4. No clean oxygen to breath
  5. Adaption
  6. Breathing masks
  7. Massive extinction
  8. Illness
  9. NASA launching more missiles into space to find life to relocate what’s left of humanity
  10. Saving humanity
  11. Fight for survival… and many more things that comes to our minds. And yet, it’s not a science fiction because we know, next to it all, that there is a high chance of this actually happening.

This is just a general idea what I see regarding this matter, now imagine a hundreds of writers that are covering science fiction genre field with general fiction, history, crime and corrupted society that think they just know the best,when actually what they really know is nothing.

So start from today.

Think about how you can contribute to this world to help not only sick people but to Earth as well because mother nature is what was there before us. It gave us everything to survive, and now we are killing it.

The lungs of Earth are dying, but then again so are ours, and if nothing we can at least die trying to save what can be saved.

Grow trees, stop the growth of technology. We once respected everything what we had when there were no phones or world wide web, now all of that is gone and we are being spoiled kids that take everything for granted from their parents.

Is that the world you would like to live in?

Is this the world you would like your kids to come?

Is this really our future? Because I think it’s not.

And you, what do you think is the world you would like to see your kids grow up in?


Intro: Confidence comes from Inspirational Quotes

Being all around us in a different forms they make up our lives most of the time.

How many times have you heard someone saying something that got to you; made you think about your life and what you could do better to make yourself happier?

Movies, books, music, quotes, and every day situations they all impact our lives. No matter the genre.

It is those little words that ring in your head and are placed on repeat over and over again. Its strong meaning impacts us and makes us feel confident about certain opportunities, problems.

Most of the time those same quotes are used in books and movies, but of course, what else can have a deep impact other than books.

Creative art isn’t just books, it is drawing, painting, hand crafted designs, photography, film making, architecture, etc. and that is what this Creative Attributes are about.

It is a portfolio of my work, quotes take out of my books, paintings, photography, hand crafted design and drawing. It even includes renovating your clothing with a simple needle and thread. Trust me it is that simple.

Creative Attributes is a place where not only one person can share their talents. It also promotes yours.

‘We are all unique in our own way. That is what makes us different, and difference can not hurt you, it can only challenge you to do great things.’

Journey towards the Unknown

Today I will be discussing about our imagination and where it takes us. As you could already see the title Journey towards the Unknown is partially a metaphor.

We are the ones who decide to take turns in our lives and to give it a meaning. Its basically us that decide what we want to do with our life, how do we want it to look like and where do we want to stop it.

We choose our journey through the life. We choose the way we like the most or feel more comfortable with. Someone might choose a life with risk. That person maybe likes adventures and loves experiencing suspense no matter they don’t know how it will end up. The people who like risking their life on a daily basis will have no fear to face death when their time comes. They have looked into its eyes millions of times. They, however might embrace it much more easily. Depends on a person.

We are all different in so many ways. We differ from each other and constantly stand out in the crowd. So no matter what kind of life we like or look on life, we shouldn’t be listening to peoples opinions. But once again, it depends on a person what they decide.

We choose our own path to walk in our life, and that all starts the day we need to make up our mind to choose the course for our college. Its a hard decision to make, I admit. Whatever we choose we will always look back to that very moment and wonder what would be if we didn’t chose this course, what would be if we choose something else?

All we are going to get is going to be one chance. All we have in our life is one chance. One chance only.

Our entire life is a journey towards the unknown. We don’t know where it will stop and when. We don’t know what is going to be that point of our life.

Our life is an unknown that no one will ever understand. It is one journey we will ever have, because we don’t know if we will live a day to find out if we will be born again, with a second chance. Even scientists don’t know the answers to our questions.

Some questions will have more answers, while some questions will never be answered. And our life is one of them questions, we don’t have an answer to.

That’s why you should enjoy your life, decide which things are right for you and do most about it. Be happy with a life you have been given, and do not regret things in your life because one day you will be grateful you did them.

Good Written Books Vs. Bad Written Books

Have you ever been drawn by the title of a book and then ended up being disappointed as you reached the end? For me, the answer is yes.

There are so many new books published every day that are just waiting to be discovered. But its not all about the covers. It’s about a title that attracts peoples attention. Then the synopsis or a blur.

It’s all about that title and what we expect from it, and today there are so many titles that are either shit when it comes to attracting people just like their synopsis, or very good titles but very bad synopsis.

So where is the problem then?

The problem is that people are jumping very fast to conclusions before asking friends, agents or family for their opinion. We are too afraid to hear them out because we don’t want to be criticised. But guess what, that is exactly what we need. We need to let people criticise us so we could come up with something good.

Whether the critics are good or bad we still need them to work on our mistakes and our story. It doesn’t matter how we want our story to be told, what matters is how we write it.

Good story has to be hated at least twice.

Yes it has to be hated from some people. Because if its not, if everyone likes it you know there is something you have done wrong. The readers expectations will be bigger and you wouldn’t like to disappoint them, when that is exactly what we need to do. That is exactly what every story needs. Disappointments for readers to read further to see the new developments.

The good story takes at least three turns that makes it so interesting. One twist doesn’t count. People will get bored instantly. Take for an example The Capital Crime from Laura Wilson.

It’s nice that the book is based on two true events, but when it comes to that, people tend to be very fast not to solve a problem and stretch the story further.


After I have read first five chapters I could tell that the neighbour was a killer. Afterwards, I had to make myself to finish the book as it became really predictable and boring. Now that is what we don’t want to see in stories.

Laura Wilson has an amazing books that she writes. She is an amazing writer, but that determination and confidence has gotten way ahead of her.

We all love her books, but with Capital Crime, which I have read multiple times, I could tell she was just stretching the story until she finished it.

Unlike The Capital Crime, the new fiction by Marian Keyes set in a world of realism and heartbreak The Break has it all covered.

The story just keeps on taking interesting turns and funny situations. From crazy parents to her marriage that is/is not falling apart and even more drama, people just keep embracing her book ready to read more.

The title is what makes it all interesting, synopsis and peoples reactions. It a simple its simple and interesting title is what triggers our curiosity, attention and wish to pick up the book.

Marian Keyes obviously has what it takes for a book to be grabbed from shelf without thinking twice about it.

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